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Contract Generator

Generate a signable contract that lives on your own domain and becomes a static .html file when it's signed.

  1. Generate the contract
  2. Upload the standalone file to your server
  3. Send your client a link to it

The generator is Javascript based and runs in your browser.

The generated file can be uploaded to any server that runs PHP.

Once signed by both parties, the PHP file will delete itself from your server and leave behind a static HTML file.

Why self hosted?

Hosting contracts on your own domain can provide a more professional and streamlined experience for your clients.

Why a single file?

It allows all the necessary code for a contract to be located in a single, self-contained file, which can be easily edited, updated, or transferred as needed.

Why static files?

By storing your signed contract documents as static HTML files, you can make sure they are secure, efficient, and portable.