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AboutȘtefan Matei

You can also find me on Twitter and GitHub.

About Me

I'm a web developer and web design consultant with more than 15 years of experience.

I build web based tools and websites for small businesses and individuals.

I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Software Engineering from the University of Craiova and currently live in Bucharest, Romania with my girlfriend Cătălina and our two cats.

About this website (v0.3.0)
Deployment status: Deploy status badgeLast build: January 31, 2023.

Built using Next.js/React and Sass. Hosted on Netlify.

Used assets from the following sources:

The space-themed design of this website (particularly in ◐ dark mode) was heavily influenced by Kevin Powell’s Scrimba course on creating a Design System.

Tech stack

📱 Front-end

  • Javascript (vanilla)

📟 Back of the front-end

  • WP Block Editor/React
  • Next.js/React
  • Previously used: Eleventy.js (the previous versionof this website was built with 11ty) Nunjucks, Vue.js, Gulp, jQuery

📡 Backend

  • WordPress/PHP
  • Webpack, Node, GitHub
  • Previously used: Docker
  • In a previous life (2005-2009): C, Java, C++, ASM, Operating Systems

🥫 Data

  • SQL (mySQL or MariaDB)
  • Markdown files
  • Rest API, GraphQL