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Recommendations from previous clients.


"Ștefan produces high quality work efficiently and reliably."  — John Britton
"Ștefan is an absolute pleasure to work with. He's a highly talented programmer, efficient, responsive and is always keen to suggest alternative, more efficient ways of doing something. An absolute gem!"  — Lee-Ann Rodwell
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"Margaret and Ștefan’s guidance has been a life saver. Their solid advice not only gave me a website that beautifully captures my brand, but one that actually functions, and they didn’t waste time and money on needless extras. I cannot recommend them highly enough."  — Matthew White
[See: Services/Copywriting & Planning]
"Margaret and Ștefan came to my rescue. They transferred the contents of my clunky old WordPress website over to one that reflects the simplicity I strive for in my writing. Within days, I had a whole new look—clean, clutter-free, inviting. Best of all for a technophobe like me, it was quick and painless with a minimal learning curve."  — Katrina Kenison
"I am not a tech savvy person. Working with Ștefan, I don’t have to be.

He handles everything. He even handles the things I don’t know need to be handled. Solutions appear before the problems are even thought of. His proactivity is unmatched and his attention to detail unparalleled.

I can focus on creating content, knowing that Ștefan will create a beautifully designed website that helps me build my audience, while simultaneously meeting my deadline and respecting my budget. He is an indispensable member of my team.

Work with him now!
"  — Tricia Rose Burt

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