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Interactive components like generators,
calculators, custom UI’s that load data from API’s, etc.


Custom Development Work

Custom single- or multi-page web apps, or smaller in page components, that satisfy specific requirements. With attention to Accessibility and performance.



  • Custom Front End work on existing projects involving HTML(/JSX)/CSS/JS(/React).
    [See Tech Stack on my About page for more details]
  • A web app that loads, caches to a CDN, and displays content from an API, a database, or a JSON file.
  • A custom WordPress block.
  • Headless WordPress backend with Next.js, Eleventy.js, or Astro.js powered front-end.

Examples from previous work:

  • A calculator tool that lists the ideal times to plant different types of seeds based on the date of the last frost.
  • A WordPress plugin that converts audio shortcodes to buttons that, when scrolled by or clicked on, trigger a fixed audio player at the bottom of the page. For an example, scroll down on this page until you reach the "Play Episode" button and the podcast player should slide up.
  • A signable contract that lives in a single file; written in PHP.
  • An online generator for the single file contracts mentioned above, built as a vanilla JS web app.
  • A server side rendered raw HTML endpoint to power partial hydration (i.e: pagination) components inside custom WordPress shortcodes, blocks, or other plugin-encapsulated functionality.
"Ștefan produces high quality work efficiently and reliably."  — John Britton